Blue Feather Music Festival – Selina H. From Fever

Selina H forms the other half of the dual guitar attack in the Fever band. Along with guitar, Selina brings some powerful vocals to the table. Like fellow guitarist Madi Dixon, Selina is also a talented songwriter. How long have you […]

Blue Feather Music Festival – Bumblefoot Brilliance

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, ex Guns N’ Roses guitar slinger, now with Sons of Apollo progressive metal supergroup, hit the stage for the Saturday portion of Blue Feather Music Festival. Borrowed acoustic guitar in hand, Bumblefoot didn’t just take the stage, […]

Blue Feather Music Festival – Madi Dixon From Fever

Madi Dixon makes up one half of the dual guitar attack featured in the band Fever, the opening act for the Saturday portion of the Blue Feather Music Festival. Additionally, Madi shares vocal duties with her band mate and fellow […]

Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin – “My Ultimate Guitar Jam”

Sophie Burrell, self-described as a “small, crazy, guitar-obsessed chick with big ol’ hair from the UK,” plays guitar with English hard rock band Saints of Sin. Check out Sophie and the rest of the band at the Saints of Sin […]

Satriani, Van Halen, Beck, May and Gibbons for G3 Tour de Force?

If Joe Satriani has his wish, future editions of the G3 guitar extravaganza tour could include Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Brian May and Billy Gibbons. “I’ve asked Eddie Van Halen several times to come out. I’m a big Eddie […]

“If I Could Jam with Any Guitarist, It Would be Jimmy Page”

Angela Petrilli plays guitar with Roses & Cigarettes (official site). I urge you to visit the band’s site to read their story and follow them. It goes far beyond the music side and involves Angela’s bandmate Jenny Pagliaro and her battle […]

Felix Martin Destroys Guitar Stereotypes

Some musicians push the boundaries. Venezuelan born guitarist Felix Martin just stepped around them, walked to the other side, and staked out his own territory. Everything about Martin stretches the very definition of what a guitarist is, how a guitarist […]

Avril Doucette Can Kick Your Ass And Play Your Guitar!

Standing 6-feet tall, Avril Doucette cuts an imposing figure. She competes as a boxer and martial artist. She’s even won a couple of gold medals. She fights in the ring as a light-middleweight at 152 pounds. Yes, she probably could […]