Carlos Santana – Woodstock Number 3 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance

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At number three, Carlos Santana’s performance of Soul Sacrifice.

The real story here isn’t Santana’s guitar playing, but rather drummer Michael Shrieve’s show stealing performance on Soul Sacrifice.

Heading into Woodstock, Santana was unknown. Witness their Woodstock performance fee of just $750. Their appearance in the Woodstock documentary film and album helped propel them to superstardom.

Most versions of Soul Sacrifice feature a great guitar sound on the solo. However, if you listen to the original album version, the guitar sounds thinner and the execution of the solo more accurately reflects Carlos Santana’s somewhat psychedelically altered state.

All this aside, combine the overdubbed guitar solo along with the fiery drumming of Michael Shrieve and you’re left with a timeless performance for the ages.

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3 thoughts on “Carlos Santana – Woodstock Number 3 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance”

    1. I was lucky enough to see Carlos and Johnny a couple of times each. Last time I saw Johnny, Edgar jumped up for a couple of tunes. As an added bonus, I got to go backstage and meet Johnny. Definitely a music memory to cherish.

      1. Wow! Way cool. Last time I saw Johnny he was at a big benefit show hosted by Warren Haynes. They had to help him on stage, seat him in a chair, and put a guitar in his hands. I knew that would be my last time seeing him.

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