Gretchen Menn – My Dream Guitar Jam

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In this feature of Just One Question, Gretchen Menn shares her dream guitar jam with us.

“If I could sit down and play with any guitarist, it would have to be Django Reinhardt. Not that I’d have anything musically to contribute – I’d just be hoping not to totally screw up the rhythm – but because I’d love to be able to sit there and experience his playing up close like that. There are so few videos of him, and he has been such a continued source of inspiration, education, and delight for me.”

Along with her solo projects, Gretchen also plays guitar and tours with Zepparella, a female tour de force Led Zeppelin tribute band. At times, her guitar prowess with Zepparella will almost have you think you’re listening to Jimmy Page.

Where Gretchen really shines is on her solo projects. Go to and check out her latest release, the concept album Abandon All Hope.

Watch Gretchen’s version of the Django Reinhardt / Stephane Grappelli classic, Minor Swing.

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