Felix Martin Destroys Guitar Stereotypes

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Some musicians push the boundaries. Venezuelan born guitarist Felix Martin just stepped around them, walked to the other side, and staked out his own territory.

Everything about Martin stretches the very definition of what a guitarist is, how a guitarist should play and how a guitarist should sound.

Felix Martin’s One-of-a-Kind Guitar

His instrument is anything but a guitar in the traditional sense. He plays a self-designed guitar. It’s essentially two guitars joined together to form one. This gives him two fretboards with anywhere from 14 strings to 16 strings to play.

Felix Martin and his one-of-a-kind guitar, left-handed, with two fretboards
Felix Martin and his one-of-a-kind guitar


Next, his style of playing. There’s nothing traditional about it at all. In essence, he’s playing two guitars at the same time. Skillfully applying a combination of hammer-ons, slapping and other techniques simultaneously on both fretboards allows him to create a signature sound all his own.

For an added measure of being different, he plays left-handed.

As for the music itself, his website describes it as, “pushing music into new boundaries by mixing Rock and Metal with different styles such as Jazz, Progressive, World, Latin, Fusion, etc. The uniqueness of his guitars and technique allows him to create distinguished sounds that makes the music sound unique.​”

Now combine superb musicianship with chops to spare and you have Felix Martin.

So who would Felix like to jam with?

It would be Pat Metheny. I think he is the most genius guitar player of all. Not sure If I would like to do a free jam, but more like a collaboration. I do a lot of chords with both of my fretboards. I think it would fit with several of his ideas. I don’t know. I would love to show him my jazz guitar too (FM-5175) which is similar to his ES-175, it was actually inspired on him a little bit.

If you’re looking for innovation and guitar playing like nothing you’ve heard before, you need to follow him. Felix Martin delivers in this area and then some.

Follow Felix Martin on the web:

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Thanks to Felix Martin for joining us for this round of Just One Question.

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  1. Interesting spotlight for old players like myself who don’t have time to keep up with new developments and significant players.

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