Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin – “My Ultimate Guitar Jam”

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Sophie Burrell, self-described as a “small, crazy, guitar-obsessed chick with big ol’ hair from the UK,” plays guitar with English hard rock band Saints of Sin. Check out Sophie and the rest of the band at the Saints of Sin website.

Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin – “My Ultimate Guitar Jam” 

If I could pick a guitarist to jam with I’d have to say Mark Tremonti! The reason being, he’s had the largest influence on me as guitarist pretty much throughout the whole time I’ve been playing. His writing style, his licks, his riffs, everything about his playing has always spoken out to me massively. Mark has always given me a place to aim to get to, and for that I’m truly grateful as he’s one of the reasons that I’ve remained focused and motivated to get better at guitar.

I’d love to share ideas and riffs with him. I’ve done a few guitar clinics with him, which is the closest I’ve gotten to jamming with him, and those clinics have provided me with some of the most useful information that I could ever receive.

Mark’s music (across all the projects he’s taken part in) has also helped me through some harsh times, particularly the album ABIII. There are some of the most stunning and beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard on that album. Alter Bridge have also been a huge influence on me, as a whole band.

Guitarist Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin Posing with her Guitar
Guitarist Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin

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Sophie can shred. You’ll find ample evidence of this on her Instagram where she shares generous amounts of her talent with her fans. Give her a follow and check out her band.

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Sophie Burrell’s endorsements include EVH Gear and Ormsby Guitars.

Thanks to Sophie for joining us for this edition of Just One Question.

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