Lari Basilio “My Ultimate Guitar Jam”

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Who is Lari Basilio?

Lari Basilio was born into a musical household in São Paulo, Brazil. Her father is an accomplished singer and acoustic guitarist. One of her father’s songs had some intricate and very emotional guitar phrasing in it and it touched Lari in a deep way. From that point on, Lari wanted to learn all she could about playing guitar.

After her father taught her a few chords on an acoustic guitar, Lari borrowed her youngest brother’s guitar. Her very first guitar of her own was a Stratocaster copy she bought with money she made from a part-time job.

One of her teachers was jazz guitarist Djalma Lima. Lari was impressed with Lima’s fluidity on guitar, a trait that she possesses to this day.

One of Lari’s greatest influences is Andy Timmons. “The first time I listened to him was remarkable and made me want to play more and more.” Timmons later returned the compliment, referring to Lari’s music as “soulful and melodic.” John Mayer, Richie Kotzen and Brazilian musicians Edu Ardanuy and Juninho Afram are additional guitarists Lari lists as sources of inspiration.

Guitarist Lari Basilio

In 2011, Lari started working on her instrumental five-song Extended Play (EP), named, simply, Lari Basilio, which features Felipe Andreoli, bass player in the popular Brazilian band Angra. The EP was produced by five-time Latin Grammy winner Lampadinha.

Her most recent original work, the CD and DVD “The Sound of My Room“, was released in August, 2015 at Cine Belas Artes in São Paulo. “The idea of taking instrumental guitar music to a movie theater proved (to be) a creative initiative (equal to) the compositions of Lari Basilio,” said Guitar Player Brazil magazine in its October , 2015 issue. The 10-song package includes a mini-documentary and behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD.

Lari won the instrumental category of the Samsung E-Festival in 2014 and performed for a crowd of 15,000 alongside Keb’ Mo’ and Quinn Sullivan at the Samsung Best of Blues Festival in Brazil. She has also opened for guitar clinics by Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons and recently appeared at the Malibu Guitar Festival in 2017. The online video of her jam with Steve Vai is something no fan should miss.

Lari has been featured in national and international media including a story in Guitar Player Brazil (February, 2016), the cover of Guitarload (March, 2016) and in an interview published on Guitar World’s website.

Being a technical yet melodic player has always come naturally to Lari. Many feel that she has taken the electric guitar in a new direction and, at the same time, brought it to a new level.

Currently, Lari is living in Los Angeles,exploring new opportunities in music and completing a new album as well as working as a producer and arranger. She continues to tour both Brazil and the USA, and her instructional videos can be found on JamTrackCentral. (Bio courtesy of

Lari Basilio – My Ultimate Guitar Jam

I would choose John Mayer. He always amazes me by turning simple notes into beautiful and very unique melodies. It’s like “the pentatonic like you have never heard.” 

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