Blue Feather Music Festival – Madi Dixon From Fever

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Madi Dixon makes up one half of the dual guitar attack featured in the band Fever, the opening act for the Saturday portion of the Blue Feather Music Festival. Additionally, Madi shares vocal duties with her band mate and fellow guitarist Selina Heyligers-Hare.

Fever put on a great show to kick off the event. The band featured solid guitar work and outstanding vocals. They played an eclectic mix of tunes ranging from Pink Floyd to Black Sabbath. Included in the set, a few catchy originals penned by Madi and Selina.

How long have you been playing guitar?

I am 19 and have been playing guitar for 15 years. 

What inspired you to take up guitar?

My Grandma was a singer and an amazing musician. When I was growing up she would always be there with her guitar or her bass and I remember it being so much fun. I wanted to be just like her. She is the reason I’m so into classic rock and classic country music.

How did you learn – self taught, lessons, or a combination?

I guess you could say a combination of both lessons and being self taught. I started with intensive classical guitar lessons when I was 4 years old which gave me a really great base for music. I’ve also taken many different workshops and training sessions on voice or different instruments. I’ve been in several different bands or groups throughout the years and I play music with my family regularly. Selina and I both just recently graduated from the Music and Technology Program at Selkirk College in Nelson B.C. We were the only female guitar majors in the school and I’m kinda proud of that:)

Favorite guitar player?

I have so many favorite guitar players! One of my all time faves and a role model for me is Hayley McLean. She’s a Vancouver born producer/writer/musician and the BEST female country guitar player out there. Look her up, she rocks! I’m also a huge fan of Tom Morello. I love his playing style.

What’s one guitar tune that you can’t get enough of and that you listen to over and over?

Definitely “Shadow on the Sun” by Audioslave. Chris Cornell’s vocals and Tom Morello playing guitar! What more can I say? Awesome. I’ve always been a Black Sabbath fan too and another song I can’t get enough of is “Into the Void.”

What was your personal highlight of playing Blue Feather Music Festival?

This year a huge highlight of playing at Blue Feather Music Festival for me was getting to watch and meet the other amazing musicians. The level of talent that Gary Bailie brings up to the Yukon is truly unbelievable. I am so grateful to be able to play the same stage. Bumblefoot blew my mind! Someday I hope to be as talented on the guitar as he is and what a voice!! I don’t know anyone else that would tackle a song like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on an acoustic guitar. Stevie Salas wailing on his beautiful white guitar is a true ROCK STAR!! Wow, just wow…

I’m currently working on my latest solo album so please watch for it.

Madi Dixon (left) And Fever At Blue Feather Music Festival

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