Satriani, Van Halen, Beck, May and Gibbons for G3 Tour de Force?

If Joe Satriani has his wish, future editions of the G3 guitar extravaganza tour could include Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Brian May and Billy Gibbons.

“I’ve asked Eddie Van Halen several times to come out. I’m a big Eddie fan and I think the audience will just go absolutely crazy to see him step out of his band and show everybody all the other things he can do, because he’s an amazing musician.

I’d love at some point to get Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons, Brian May and work my way through all these players. They are basically my heroes.”

Joe Satriani from a recent interview for Guitar Interactive Magazine.

The 2018 version of the G3 tour is currently underway in the United States. This one features Satriani performing with John Petrucci of Dream Theater and Phil Collen of Def Leppard.

The G3 tour wraps up the USA leg February 25 in Milwaukee. From there, it’s off to Europe in March where Uli Jon Roth slides in to take over from Phil Collen.

The G3 tour made its debut in 1996. Over the years, some of the best guitarists in the world have shared the stage with Satch. Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, Robert Fripp, Guthrie Govan, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse and Kenny Wayne Shepherd make up a sampling of former G3 performers.

G3 Personal Reflections

I caught the 1997 G3 tour in Vancouver, BC. I can attest that for a guitar fan, it’s something you want to see given the chance. For me, Kenny Wayne Shepherd provided the high spot of the show. In its entirety, definitely a “guitargasm” for the senses.

Click here for more information on the current G3 tour, including cities where you can watch G3.

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Tracii Guns and Janis Joplin?

Rock legend Tracii Guns is the founder of LA Guns. He helped form Gun N’ Roses. Along the way, he’s played with a who’s who of the music business.

For Guitarists Only presented him with just one question: If you could pick one person to jam with, who would you choose?

“That’s a tough question. I would have to say Janis Joplin being she seemed like a raw nerve waiting to explode emotion at all times. Yeah, Janis Joplin!”

The Tracii Guns Instagram page is a must follow. Also find him here:

Tracii Guns Official 


L.A. Guns

Favored Nations Records

Thanks to Tracii for joining us in this feature of Just One Question.

Gretchen Menn – My Dream Guitar Jam

In this feature of Just One Question, Gretchen Menn shares her dream guitar jam with us.

“If I could sit down and play with any guitarist, it would have to be Django Reinhardt. Not that I’d have anything musically to contribute – I’d just be hoping not to totally screw up the rhythm – but because I’d love to be able to sit there and experience his playing up close like that. There are so few videos of him, and he has been such a continued source of inspiration, education, and delight for me.”

Along with her solo projects, Gretchen also plays guitar and tours with Zepparella, a female tour de force Led Zeppelin tribute band. At times, her guitar prowess with Zepparella will almost have you think you’re listening to Jimmy Page.

Where Gretchen really shines is on her solo projects. Go to and check out her latest release, the concept album Abandon All Hope.

Watch Gretchen’s version of the Django Reinhardt / Stephane Grappelli classic, Minor Swing.

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Jimi Hendrix – Woodstock Number 1 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance

Jimi Hendrix – the show’s headliner – tops the list with his guitar opus from the original Woodstock release titled Medley: Star Spangled Banner, Purple Haze, Instrumental Solo.

This Hendrix masterpiece clocks in at nearly a quarter hour. Opening with his brilliantly creative, fuzz-drenched, screaming rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, Hendrix literally coaxes out ” the bombs bursting in air” from his Strat. Next up, Purple Haze, with the unmistakable guitar intro leading into a thundering version of this iconic piece. To bring things to a close, a bluesy instrumental with Hendrix weaving shimmering guitar lines and cascading octaves throughout.

By the time Jimi Hendrix hit the stage – the final act of Woodstock – many of the 500,000 in attendance had left. For the ones that stayed, a piece of rock history served up by a guitar God.

Visit the official site: Jimi Hendrix

Who is your pick for the number one spot?

Jude Gold – What Guitar Hero Would He Jam With?

Jefferson Starship guitarist Jude Gold jams with some of the greatest guitar players on the planet on a regular basis. We wanted to find out if he had any guitar heroes he hadn’t jammed with yet. We asked: If you could pick any guitar player to jam with, who would it be and why?

“It’s funny, I have gotten to jam with a lot of my heroes on my podcast, which is called No Guitar Is Safe, but of course there are plenty that I would dream of jamming with that I have never met.

“One fantasy would be to play Baba O’Riley with Pete Townshend and the Who in front of a huge outdoor crowd in England somewhere. So much power in those three simple chords, in the vocal parts, and in the trippy jam at the end.”

Jude Gold plays guitar in Jefferson Starship. As well, he’s part of the faculty at Musicians Institute and he’s been on the editorial staff of Guitar Player Magazine since 2001.

For anyone interested in guitar, I highly recommend his No Guitar is Safe podcast. It’s a combo of great guitar talk and great guitar playing. Each episode includes Jude jamming with his guest and passing along guitar tips. His guest roster reads like a who’s who of the guitar world.

Visit Jude at his website

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Alvin Lee – Woodstock Number 2 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance

At number two, Alvin Lee and Ten Years After with their classic performance of I’m Going Home.

“That’s near enough for jazz.”

For most in 1970, sitting in a theater and looking up at a larger-than-life Alvin Lee on the split screen tuning his guitar, this was their introduction to Ten Years After.

A quick intro – “This is a thing called I’m Going Home by helicopter” – followed by an explosion of rapid-fire notes and 11 blistering minutes of music. Witness the birth of Alvin Lee, guitar hero.

I’m Going Home is a pulsating, electrifying showpiece tune for Lee’s guitar playing. Not only did their Woodstock performance put the band on the map, it inspired countless numbers of would be guitar heroes to take up the instrument.

The Woodstock version of I’m Going Home is raw and primal, epitomizing what rock and roll is all about. This one definitely earns the “classic” label.

Carlos Santana – Woodstock Number 3 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance

At number three, Carlos Santana’s performance of Soul Sacrifice.

The real story here isn’t Santana’s guitar playing, but rather drummer Michael Shrieve’s show stealing performance on Soul Sacrifice.

Heading into Woodstock, Santana was unknown. Witness their Woodstock performance fee of just $750. Their appearance in the Woodstock documentary film and album helped propel them to superstardom.

Most versions of Soul Sacrifice feature a great guitar sound on the solo. However, if you listen to the original album version, the guitar sounds thinner and the execution of the solo more accurately reflects Carlos Santana’s somewhat psychedelically altered state.

All this aside, combine the overdubbed guitar solo along with the fiery drumming of Michael Shrieve and you’re left with a timeless performance for the ages.

Visit the official site: Santana

Johnny Winter – Woodstock Number 4 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance

At number four, Johnny Winter, Mean Town Blues.

Although he didn’t appear on the original movie or soundtrack, Johnny Winter did make it to an official Woodstock release sometime later with Mean Town Blues, one of his concert staples.

Much like Leslie West’s Woodstock performance, this isn’t Johnny at his best. Instead, check out his superb live album, Live Johnny Winter And, featuring Johnny and band at their best on Mean Town Blues and other Winter classics. As a bonus, guitarist Rick Derringer does an excellent job of complementing Johnny’s playing.

For more information on Johnny Winter, visit Johnny Winter

Leslie West – Woodstock Number 5 Most Electrifying Guitar Performance

At number five from Woodstock, Leslie West of Mountain, Blood of the Sun.

Mountain didn’t appear on the original Woodstock triple album; they came later on the Woodstock II double album. But here’s where things get a bit uncertain.

The two tracks on Woodstock II aren’t from Woodstock; they’re from a different concert.

Finding original Mountain material from Woodstock is a bit more challenging. We’re going with this version of Blood of the Sun, purportedly of original Woodstock vintage.

This might not be Leslie West at his finest, but it’s still a solid piece of work. As always, West’s tone, one of the best in the guitar world, shines. You don’t get shredding, machine gun licks; but rather, some of the tastiest playing you’ll hear delivered in typical Leslie West fashion.

As a bonus, West adds a great little guitar riff at the end to cap off the song.

Not Leslie West at his peak, but anytime this guitar master plays, it’s well worth a listen.

To hear Leslie West and Mountain at their best, give Flowers of Evil a listen. As a bonus, you get a live guitar solo with Leslie interspersing his trademark lead riffs and volume swells to create a masterful guitar piece. Also look for the live version of Stormy Monday to hear a 20-minute Mountain tour de force.

You can find out more about Leslie West and Mountain here:  Leslie West and Mountain

Woodstock – Top Five Electrifying Guitar Performances

In August 1969, half-a-million people, along with some of the biggest names in music, gathered on a farm in New York State. The weekend festival, billed as “Three Days of Peace and Music,” went on to become legend, legacy and a milestone in cultural history.

For guitar fans, Woodstock brought together some of the best players of the day. A number of them went on to achieve iconic status in the guitar world.

Trivia time: Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were two of the biggest names that didn’t make the weekend festival. The Jeff Beck Group, scheduled to play Woodstock, cancelled. Led Zeppelin received an invitation, but declined.

Let’s look back at some of the guitar highlights of the weekend music festival.